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STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo was held Saturday, 5 March 2005 in Austin, Texas. Organizer Chris Nicholas said that the success of the show, the first of its kind in Texas, "exceeded my wildest expectations."

To learn more about STAPLE!, visit the STAPLE! web site and the STAPLE! message boards. The next STAPLE! show will be held Saturday, 4 March 2006.

The STAPLE! documentary includes interviews and panel discussions with special guests. For more info about the DVD, click the other navigation links at the top of this page.

the STAPLE! mascot,
by Chris Moreno

5 November 2005: Rethunk Media cruised Wizard World Texas with Chris "Uncle Staple" Nicholas and The 4th Rail's Randy Lander. It was a great chance to catch up with Drew Edwards (Halloween Man), Rafael Navarro (Sonambulo), Chris Moreno and Christian Beranek (Dracula vs. King Arthur), and Barb Lien-Cooper (Gun Street Girl). We're looking forward to seeing these folks and some new exhibitors at STAPLE! 2006.

Uncle Staple ("El Queso Blanco") and Raphael Navarro were captured on video fighting lucha libre style. Stay tuned.

14 - 18 July 2005: Rethunk Media visited San Diego Comic-Con, hung out with friends from STAPLE! 2005, and spread news about STAPLE! 2006.

1 July 2005: DVD release party at Austin Books.